Tackling an assignment

A pile of books, some pens, a phone and a pad of sticky notes
Photo by Jan Piatkowski on Unsplash

It can be very hard starting an assignment – a blank piece of paper staring at you and no idea where to begin. In this section, we will show you some tools that can make the task much more manageable. At school, it can be relatively easy to dive straight into a piece of work. At University, an assignment can be a lot more challenging and the bulk of the work is in planning and researching, with the writing as the final stage.

Planning your Writing

The Alex Essay Writing Tool: A step-by-step guide to writing an essay

Planning your writing – Resources from BBC Skillswise

Collating information (Collecting and organising)

Using MindView to plan and collate your information, including referencing – you can export all of this to Word when you are ready (Video- 10mins)

Referencing your work – it is SO important to collect your references as you read and collect information. This section links back to the Reading section on referencing, but remember that it is a key part of completing your assignment. 

Support to structure your assignment in Word

Using ‘Styles’ to create headings in Word – Styles make it easier to create structure in your assignment, easier to create navigation as your assignment gets longer and simple to create an Index when you finish your work [Video: 5mins 32]

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