Developing your study skills

Welcome to our Study Skills area. This area is still in development, but we have released the completed sections. We hope to complete it soon – although we will always be updating information to keep up-to-date with the technology. 

Student sitting in garden wearing headphones and holding a computer

Studying at University can be quite different to the way that you have learned in the past. These pages are to help you develop new ways of working. You will build on skills you have learned in school and life, but there are techniques and software which can make the time you spend studying much more productive and enjoyable. Studying at University is, and should be, challenging, but the rewards can be great as you develop new knowledge and skills. Learning to apply these is a key part of your studying.

You can use this short course however you want. You can dip in and out, you can work through all of it. You may find you want to revisit parts of it as you approach key hurdles in your studies. The most important thing is to recognise that developing these skills and learning the right supportive software early in your time at university will help you in your studies.