GANTT charts for planning

If we are going to meet deadlines, then we need to plan in order to do that. If I am making a roast dinner, I start by working out how long the chicken will take to cook and write that down. Then I work backwards from that time to make sure that all the other parts of the meal – the vegetables, the Yorkshire puddings, the gravy – are ready at the same time. 

We need the same approach when we are working towards an assignment, project or dissertation. We know the date that everything is due in, so how do we fit in all the work that we need to do. 

This video shows someone working through their project planning for a small research project. You will see how MindView (mindmapping software) can be used to choose the main headings of the work and how this can be viewed as a GANTT chart, with all the weeks of work needed. 



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