Managing all the information and learning

As we have seen, you get a lot of information when you start university – but this information grows rapidly, as you are given learning materials from your tutors and as you start your own research and learning. Having your own systems in place to manage your learning is really important. The following video will show you some ways to organise your resources. This involves using Microsoft Office 365, which is supplied by the University and which you can install and use on either a PC or a Mac. This requires authentication through an app called Duo. Please see information below for more details.

You should now check:

  • Log in to Office 365 online using your University log-in details
  • Install Microsoft Office on your PC or MacBook and check you have One Drive on your computer. This is because One Drive is the safest place to store your resources so that they will be backed up – and available on other devices.
  • Set up your folders ready for notes / information
  • Look at One Note and think about how you may organise your notes

These links will help you:

The 2022/23 IT checklist for new students – a full list of all your need to do to set up for IT ready for University study. It also has dates and times when support is available.

IT information for new students – includes information on wifi, Office365, printing and IT help

Microsoft Office 365 information for the University of St Andrews

Link to Install Office on your own computer

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