Toolbars for Read Aloud

Some students may require more support than the ‘built-in’ accessibility.

Read & Write (DSA*) – Read and Write is a toolbar that sits on your computer screen and offers you support with reading. Almost all of the features of Read&Write are available in other software, but some people find it easier to have it all in one place, in a discreet toolbar. It will read aloud any page in any software and has a variety of voices. But it has many additional supportive features:

  • Predictive text
  • Dictionary
  • Select key passages and pull them from a text into a new document
  • Compile lists of new vocabulary
  • Dictionary
  • Extract text from an image
  • Grammar and vocabulary checking
  • Creation of MP3 (audio) files from text
  • Mask or tint the screen with a colour
  • Translate into another language
Screenshot from Read&Write software showing toolbar with icons across the top of a Word document.

You can view a full tour of Read&Write features.

The University of St Andrews does not have a site licence for Read&Write, but students with a declared disability may be given Read&Write as part of their DSA assessment. If you think you may be eligible, please speak to a University disability adviser.

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