Read aloud on your Apple Mac

The information on this page also applies to iPhone and iPads.

Do bear in mind that all the options that are available for Microsoft Office can also be used on a Mac. So, you can install the Edge Browser and Office 365 and use all the features already shown in this site.

There are a couple of additional options that you may find useful.

An Apple Mac has two systems for speaking aloud.

VoiceOver is a screen-reader and is used by visually-impaired people to both listen to their computer screen and navigate around the computer.

Accessibility Speech is the function that will read a screen aloud on a Mac. The voice selection is very good and often sounds quite natural when it reads aloud.

The only thing that is slightly frustrating is that it reads what is highlighted but does not continue to read – you need to highlight the next section and press your selected keys to move on.

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