Change the size of text

Type of device PC (Windows) | Apple Mac | iPad or iPhone | Android

Type of software or browser: Word | Edge & Chrome | Safari

PC (Windows)

Through the system settings, it is possible to make text and apps bigger for everything on your computer.
Instructions for this are on the Microsoft site: Make text and apps bigger – choose Windows 10 or Windows 11 for your operating system once you are on the site.

Windows also has a powerful Magnifier, with many features to zoom and enlarge the screen or parts of it.

Apple Mac

To Increase the text size in apps on your Mac, you can press Command-Plus (+) or Command-Minus (–) to adjust text size. If that doesn’t work, check the app’s preferences.

Apple Mac also has a zoom function.

iPad or iPhone (iOS)

Go to Settings- Display and Brightness – Text Size – where you will find a slider that you can adjust to your chosen text size. This will apply across most software on your phone or tablet.


Exact locations of the settings to change text size vary depending on device. However, most are located in Settings – Accessibility – and then look for Text and Display or Vision or a similar heading. The slider will allow you to select the best size for your vision.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel (and more)

Microsoft Word and other Office 365 apps have a slider in the lower right-hand corner which will quickly enlarge or make text smaller.

Edge & Chrome Browsers

You can use overall Windows settings to make Edge browser’s text larger, but you can also go to the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then look for Zoom. Click on the + to make text larger or the – to make text smaller. The setting you choose will be retained for future uses of the browser.


To Increase the text size in Safari on your Mac, you can press Command-Plus (+) or Command-Minus (–)

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