Map my course

You will have a lot of information when you start studying at University.

This video shows you how you can find key information and add it to a mind map.

Tasks to try:

  • Add your modules for this year to a mind-map
  • Find the Module Booklet for each course in Moodle
  • Find key information about your course and add it to your map:
    • Who are your tutors?
    • How many credits is the course worth? (Do you have the right number of credits for the year?)
    • Who are your tutors? (You may find it interesting to google them to find out more about their research interests and background.)
    • When are your lectures, webinars, classes, labs, practicals, tutorials? You also need to know when these take place.
    • When are your assessments? What are they? What is the due date for assignments?
    • Is there anything else you need to know? For example, finding your reading list and identifying core texts or any other activities on your course, such as field trips.

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